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Story Time

Once upon a time two days ago, I went to the mvies with my family. Now since this was pretty much our holiday celebration I decided to dress up. (Yay me!) Since it wasn't too cold I just wore a JSK, a short sleeved shirt, a petticoat, my lovely socks and of course shoes ^^.
Much to my surprise (and quite a few parents as well) I matched a bunch of the little girls in their holiday dresses!
As we waited to be let into the theater several of the young women pointed me out to their parents saying they wanted my JSK!
I was so excited. I felt so happy that these little girls were admiring me. I even went up to a few of them and told them I liked ther jewelry or bows etc.(cautiously, parents can get jumpy with young girls ya know ^^').
My parents were slightly embarassed but it was more fun than the movie!!

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Hey I haven't posted in...forever so thought i'd let you know that i am in love with HP right now...kinda obssessed really....Anyway lots of love,

I have 9 minutes to sum up my life

1) I'm proud we screwed up but our rehersal of the one act took less than 30 minutes. I think we did it in 25 YYYY

2) I'm no longer grounded
3) Having boy trouble....Ask me about it.
4)more stuff i don't really have time to type.

I am alive
I'm reading like 5 books at this current time.
I can't really think of much else.

Oh yeah! Chad and I are going out. He asked me when we went to Disneyland Friday.
I went to Disneyland Friday.
I don't actually want to go out with him.
I have a crush on Kaleb (Chad's best friend)
Boy am I in deep shit...

On a lighter note...Greg burned COF, Midnight Syndicate, and Disturbed for me.

I am Tulip Head.

I'm still not allowed to use the computer at home.
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Quick Update

Ok I haven't updated in over 3 weeks.So I'm here in the library during bio because I missed yet another review day 'cause I was sick. Last time I was here 'cause of the test it took her a week to grade it and she weighs everything so heavily on tests I had a D+ yeah....
I got into the Winter One Acts at school. I'm going to be in The Bible In 30 Minutes...Or Less
Yeah pretty awesome. The wierd thing is is that Kyle is the direstor. Kyle hates me. Maybe I'm not as bad of an actress as I thought.... The first rehersal is today. Extremely bad timing. I have 4 things to make-up in bio, 2 English "Reader's Sketchbook" (which isn't even a sketchbook) 2 math assignments to make up, a history poster,and a doctors appointment. Yeah, I'm pretty much stressing out.

Ok I have all the gifts I'm buying except 2. I know what I'm getting Roastbeef but I still have to go to the store to get it and my little sister went shopping w/ me so I have to get hers later. I didn't have much money so I got people little stuff (sorta). I got my mom some white chocolate/strawberry biscottis she's been wanting, my dad got a keychain that tells the temperature, monica got a gift card to borders, Tat(katie) got purple and black fishnet stockings and a pirate kerchief, ashley got pink and black checkered stockings and a bracelet, and chad got Aladdin on DVD and a Slytherin cuff (it was on sale shhhhhhh). Yeah I had to borrow money from my parents....I hate borrowing money but I was desperate...

The holidays are approaching quickly. I want a lolita penpal. Anyone wanna get me one for x-mas?

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Ok haven't updated in forever
School stared
I finished my resume for English... SOOOO HAPPY!
I met a really awesome girl here at the library!!!! Her name is Tabby (I think her brother calls her Cat lol).I saw her wearing an "I <3 Yaoi" shirt and had to ask where she got it. Apparently she got it at the Anime Expo. Pfffoooie! I didn't see that booth. Any way she's fairly new to anime and seems really cool. I gave her my e-mail and hopefully we'll talk. I'm going to force her to read YYH.
I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!! She buys Japanese manga[in Japanese(it's much cheaper)]and taught herself how to read a little. AND she's going to be a freshman taking JAPANESE AT ESPERANZA!!!! I hate Canyon....
I think I want to buy Roastbeef more Nepiko Markers. I think I want to get her this set > http://www.akadotretail.com/shop/shop_showbook.php?id=se-3110205&client=deleter
Met new kid Ryan. He seems really awesome. I'm going to try and get him to hang out with us Tuesday.

PS If i get good grades this year I get to be a forgien exchange student in Japan for the summer!
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Today is....

Roastbeef is going to sleepover tonight and tomorrow night.Tomorrow I'm getting my hair straightened.I dressed 'goth' to drop my sister off at the zoo. Keep in mind this is a very 'Latino' area and is full of Mexican people so there aren't many 'goths' it was hilarious the way these old ladies stared at me like I was Satan.

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OMG!!! I am soooo sorry. I feel so fucking guilty.
I was supposed to go to Roshni's party right?Right. Well here's what happened so everyone can yell at me.
On Saturday I went to Emily's party. When we were getting food everyone was touching it( there were like 30 people!)So I ate. After I started getting a stomach ache.At first I thought I just ate too much.(I ate quite a bit)So I just went home and went to bed. After waking up a couple times during the night and a couple more times during the day it became pretty obvious I wasn't going to be well by the time of Roshni's party.My mom offered to call using my phone(her numbers programmed in)so that I could rest. I thought she had called but it was brought to my attention yesterday when i was talking to Jordan yesterday that they didn't know I wasn't coming. Which means that mother didn't call.
I'm very sorry that you guys waited for me...I'm really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really sorry. But I'm going to find some way to make it up to Roshni.....somehow...
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What's New???

Hello everyone...
Um since I haven't updated I shall do so now...Except I shall start from the end of school.
I've been doing some volunteer work and trying to keep semi busy.By busy I mean going swimming in a tiny blow-up pool we bought at target, wrting random stories. Reading random stories and discorvering the Lolita style. And not just EGL for you Mana fans. but also sweet lolita,Gothic Lolita etc.Right now I'm working on organizing my room and pictures.And I'm also planning my B-day party which since basically only Jord-man and Roastbeef read this you're both invited. It's on July 22nd.I know...short notice.

I've been talking to Scott a lot lately.HE CAN PURR!!GOD DAMNIT!!!! I wish he couldn't purr.It would make it a whole lot easier for me to try and dislike him.What does make it easier is that he said I sound like Taurie when I laugh. I don't think that was meant to be bad thing but...I took it that way.

My family makes me sick.I don't know how they can stand it!! They're too lazy to make an actual dinner every other night or so. So they eat TV dinners and sanwiches!That's it. It's disgusting. So I always have to make myself something that isn't frozen and actully has nutritional value. So I've been learning new recipes like green onion beef rolls (it sound bad but it is soooooooooo good.I learned the recipe @...wait that's for later). yaki soba, sushi, spagehtti, etc.Then they eat my food that I made and then complain about the taste!! I didn't make it for them.So why are they acting like it?

I went to AX2006 (AnimeEXPO).That's where I learned a couple new recipes.It was fun. Although I wish I could have gone all 4 days.I only went to one. Next year I'm making Raostbeef come with me.
I bought Roastbeefs B-Day present and it's kick ass nd expensive. I hope she likes it!

JORD-MAN!!!If It's not too much trouble could you help me make a layout for a website that I'm starting.You don't have too.

Love, lollipops and sweet dreams,
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